Monday, December 17, 2012

January Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays:  Balancing Life Wellness Series

Topic:  Effectively Communicating With Your Child
When:  Wednesday, January 9th at 7:00 pm
Cost:  $10.00 

As we bring in the new year with all of our resolutions, it’s the perfect time to work on more effectively communicating with our children. Whether you are parenting a toddler or a teenager, good communication is the key to building self-esteem as well a mutual respect. Unfortunately  many parent-child conversations can lead to misunderstandings, arguments, and power struggles. However, becoming an effective communicator is not only possible – it can be enjoyable. So join child psychologist, Dr. Elise Abromson and psychotherapist, Jess Albright to learn practical ways to communicate effectively with children of any ages, using words they can hear and techniques that make sense. Topics will include strategies for problem ownership, active listening, empathy, and I-statements.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Integrative Approach to Anxiety: Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with people of all ages who are experiencing anxiety because anxiety can interfere with a person’s ability to do every day activities and how they fill their time/occupations.  For children with anxiety, going to school, playing with other children, or activities at home like staying organized, doing homework, eating, sleeping, or dressing, may be difficult.  For adults, every day activities like going to work, doing the grocery shopping, or sleeping, may be impacted by anxiety.  

At Healing Circles, our OT is trained specifically in use of OT with a Sensory Integration approach, which means the ability to discern whether there are “hidden” differences in how the brain and body are working together.  If a person has challenges in how they sense or experience the world around them or, or how they move it can contribute to increases in anxiety and decreased self-esteem.  Strategies used in OT may include Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) (, home programs called “sensory diets” to make sure the brain and body receive optimal types and amounts of input throughout the day to ensure basic body functions become regulated and to help a person “feel” better. Basic tools like use of specialized pillows, blankets, and brushes, along with daily exercises and often fun activities with these tools may improve brain function and decrease overall levels of anxiety, especially when used in conjunction with other therapies to ensure a mindful approach to personal recovery. 

Kelly Beins, OTR/L can be reached at or 301-712-9015 ext. 1028.