Friday, April 25, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles: An Idea that can Change Your Life

This idea goes back to a Greek philosopher named Epictetus who said, “Men are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of things. This means that your thoughts – not actual events – create your moods. Only one person in the world can ever make you feel depressed, worried, or angry – and that person is you.

This idea can change your life when you understand that your feelings result more from the way you think about things than from what actually happens. This is true about how you view the future as well.

Positive states of mind can act as antidotes to negative or harmful tendencies. Recognizing the inevitability of suffering and the impermanence of life, coupled with an appreciation of the enormity of human potential, allows for the development of optimism and genuine transformation and change.

To bring about change, first a strong willingness to change is needed. Next it is necessary to develop a sense of enthusiasm and urgency. Urgency is the key to utilizing the potential that lies within. 

The awareness of impermanence coupled with a sense of great human potential creates urgency and the desire to use every precious moment. Patience, insight, and tolerance can enhance one’s capacity to develop a positive state of mind and allow you to be more available to make improvements.

Therapy can help you to identify your issues and can help you to develop an understanding of how these issues are impacting your life. Avenues for positive change can be explored and change can happen.  Overcoming negative behavior patterns equals happiness.

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Speech Language Pathology and Communication Disorders

It is estimated that one in six people in the United States have a hearing, speech, or language disorder.  Most people have heard about hearing impairments, but what classifies a speech or language impairment or disorder, and how are they treated?  A speech or language impairment/disorder can be a variety of things a person does, or fails to do, when communicating which keeps the message from being understood.  Some factors which hinder communication are articulation errors, language errors, atypical vocal quality, and dysfluency.  Articulation errors are patterns of mispronunciations in a person’s speech, such as using the “d” sound for “t”.  Language errors are grammatical errors, such as “goed” instead of “went”.  An audible change in the quality of voice, like a raspy or strained voice, may signify a voice disorder.  Dysfluency, also known as stuttering, is a break in the flow of speech due to repetitions of words, parts of words, or interjections, such as ‘uh’. 

Speech-language pathologists, also known as speech therapists and speech teachers, work to improve all of these important factors of communication.  Speech pathologists treat infants through senior citizens in hospital, school, clinical, and private practice settings. Therapy can take the form of play, for younger children, or exercises, like tongue twisters, reading, writing, and breathing exercises.  

Language is separated into receptive and expressive language.  Receptive language is a person’s ability to receive verbal or written messages.  For example, a child listening to a story is using their receptive language skills to understand what they are hearing. A child between 12 to 24 can follow single step commands, while a 24-36 month old can follow two-step commands.  Expressive language is a person’s ability to communicate their wants, needs, and ideas through verbal or written means. For instance, a kindergartener can tell their parent about their day at school. Between 24-36 months, children should develop a word for almost everything in their environment, and between 36-48 months they should talk in sentences with four or more words. A more comprehensive list of childhood speech milestones can be found at

Kiri Jefferson is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  She currently is an intern for Laura Michie, CCC-SLP at Healing Circles Wellness Center. In the coming fall, she will be attending the University of Maryland and College Park’s graduate program for speech language pathology. 

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Dr. Kimberlyn Cahill, DM, E-RYT 500
(Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership; Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hour)

Whether on or off the mat, upright or inverted in the silk, Kimberlyn serves as a companion guide to cultivate space for living a life of passion and purpose.
A seasoned entrepreneur and business coach, Kimberlyn has over 25 years of experience training, educating, and supporting hundreds of people in pursuit of work-life balance and fulfillment. An experienced, certified, registered yoga teacher, Kimberlyn offers private and group instruction in mat and aerial yoga and holds specialized certifications in prenatalaerial and laughter yoga. Kimberlyn is available for workshops, presentations, and individual consultations.

Come PLAY with me!
Aerial yoga is yoga practiced on, in, and with the support of a "silk" or hammock safely suspended from the ceiling to allow participants to hang just inches off the floor. Aerial yoga allows us to change our relationship with gravity and in doing so, change our relationship with our body, our self, and our life. Aerial yoga cultivates space in the spine and joints, builds strength and stability, and relieves compression and congestion in the entire body. Yoga flight energizes, assist us in confronting fears and challenging assumptions and limitations, allowing for true flight. All while offering a child-like playful experience. Kimberlyn aspires to help her clients to breathe deeply, fly freely, and live fully.

Come FLY with me!

 Dr. Kimberlyn Cahill offers a unique opportunity to integrate one’s yoga practice with one’s work. Whether we work a day job, volunteer our time for a worthy cause (like raising children!), or own our own business, we all have an opportunity to make our daily efforts a labor of love, an expression of gratitude, a practice of joy.
Kimberlyn’s Life’sWork Coaching™ and teaching integrate yoga philosophy, management theory, and intentional inquiry. The practice of Life’sWork Coaching™ brings these disciplines together and invites each of us to explore ethics, values, passion and purpose in our daily labor so that we may cultivate hope, create joy, and experience excellence at being our truest self. 
Kimberlyn guides her coaching clients to breathe more deeply, labor more lovingly, and live more fully.

Come GROW with me!

 In addition to her work as a coach and yoga guide, Kimberlyn is a mom of 3 children, ages 7-14, she volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader and at her children’s school library. A resident of Frederick for over 12 years, she considers Frederick her home and looks forward to retiring (someday) with her husband and enjoying the festivities and energy of the Frederick community. When she’s not on the mat or playing with her kids, Kimberlyn enjoys bicycling, reading, and cooking healthy food for her family meal times.

Dr. Kimberlyn Cahill can be contacted at 301-712-9015 ext. 1040