Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recommended Reading

When Love Meets Fear: How to become Defense-less and Resource-full

By: David Richo Paulist Press

Everyone is afraid. Sometimes fear is inappropriate and neurotic. At other times we have good reason to be afraid. But in every case fear reduces our ability to act. It convinces us we shouldn’t take chances.

This book has been written for all people who want to let go of unreasonable fear or act more creatively in the face of reasonable fear. It examines the roots of fear—the fear of change, self-disclosure, of giving and receiving, of being alone. Beneath all of these is the greatest fear of all: the fear of love.

David Richo has charted a path that can free us from the grip of fear. He suggest things that help us to love even when we’re afraid. The way to gain power over fear, he says, is first to become defenseless. When, despite out trepidation, we embrace our weakness, we discover our hidden strength, and fear loses its hold over us.”

Quoted from back cover of When Love Meets Fear

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